About Us

Welcome to Too Gracious - Where Elegance Meets Tradition!

At Too Gracious, we believe that sarees are not just a garment; they are an embodiment of timeless grace and cultural heritage. Founded by Sneha Kalbande, a visionary entrepreneur passionate about preserving India's rich textile traditions, Too Gracious is a renowned saree seller brand based out of the vibrant land of India.

Our Journey: The story of Too Gracious began with Sneha's unwavering commitment to promoting the enchanting allure of sarees. Having grown up surrounded by the beauty and elegance of these six yards of fabric, Sneha was determined to bring the magic of Indian sarees to the world. She started this venture with a profound understanding of the significance that each drape holds, both in history and in contemporary fashion.

Our Vision: At Too Gracious, we envision a world where the saree, with its mesmerizing weaves and intricate designs, remains an enduring symbol of grace and femininity. We strive to transcend the boundaries of time and trend, offering sarees that epitomize not only fashion but also timeless traditions. Our vision is to ignite a renewed fascination for sarees, not just in India but across the globe.

Our Commitment: Quality and authenticity are the cornerstones of our brand. Each saree in our collection is handpicked from master weavers and artisans, ensuring that you receive nothing less than a masterpiece. We take pride in supporting local artisans and promoting sustainable practices in the textile industry, safeguarding the heritage of this ancient craft.

Our Collection: At Too Gracious, we curate an exquisite array of sarees, encompassing a delightful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary trends. From opulent silk sarees to delicate cotton drapes, from resplendent Banarasis to charming Chanderis, our collection offers a kaleidoscope of choices for every occasion.

Customer Delight: We value every customer who chooses Too Gracious, and we go the extra mile to ensure their shopping experience is nothing short of delightful. Our customer service team is always at hand to guide you through the selection process, answer your queries, and make your purchase smooth and enjoyable.

Join the Too Gracious Family: We invite you to embark on a journey with us, where elegance meets tradition. Embrace the timeless grace of sarees with Too Gracious and add a touch of splendor to your wardrobe. Let us celebrate the resplendence of Indian textiles and the captivating allure of sarees together.

Thank you for being a part of our cherished legacy!

Sneha Kalbande - Founder, Too Gracious