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Gheecha Floral Fusion Saree

Gheecha Floral Fusion Saree

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The cream-colored gheecha saree with a yellow border and floral painting is a masterpiece of elegance and artistry. The saree's base color, a soft and soothing cream or ivory, creates a canvas of understated sophistication, perfect for showcasing the intricate details of the floral artwork. Woven from gheecha silk, the saree features a unique texture that adds depth and character to its appearance. Gheecha silk is known for its irregular and slubby yarns, which lend a natural charm and a touch of rustic allure to the fabric. Accentuating the saree's allure is a resplendent border in a warm and inviting shade of yellow. The yellow border adds a burst of sunshine to the cream canvas, imparting a delightful contrast that instantly draws the eye.

Details :
Length - 6.3Meter
Material - 100%Gheecha
Contains - Saree , Blouse and pure cotton Saree Cover complementary*

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